Jamie Lewis

Licensee Salesperson

Jamie comes from a wide and varied background. He prides himself on his common sense and not leaving things to chance.

Having lived in the Eastern suburbs for many years, and being a Linwood High alumnus, he also spent a decade in Australia.

Jamie’s working career started in the music industry as a sound technician then morphed into the corporate presentations industry in Sydney before moving back to Christchurch as owner of The Entertainment Bureau. The skill set required running this business in such a cut-throat industry included managing entertainers, negotiating contracts, having a beady eye for detail and being able to have strong and productive relationships with both the talent and clients.  

After selling his business he enjoyed a stint as Brand Manager of an Italian sports car manufacturer before realizing his calling was actually Real Estate!

Jamie is a father of two adult children, is a seasoned surfer, a hobbyist furniture maker, practices yoga and meditates using the Vipassana technique, which has strong elements in Buddhist traditions.  

You’ll find with Jamie a well rounded, focused and honest person keen on doing the very best for the clients he represents.

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